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Pressing The Reset Button in 2021

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

This is probably the 3rd attempt i am blogging again since years ago. Never seem to be committed enough to write and always finding excuses not to. I wondered why...and now I've figured out perhaps, I was feeling shy about my writing skills and not wanting to stress myself out from writing consistently.

My perception of blogging was different, to compare with Journaling. The latter offers myself a sacred space to express, to collect inspirations from other writers, to sketch anything I was shy to show the world and to plan my life to achieving my wildest dreams. It has been my daily ritual to self-entertain and self-comforting. Blogging? I somehow feel so vulnerable.

Ah well, 2021 and I am turning 43. The recent pandemic is worrying but it has also been showing us so many valuable life lessons. Being vulnerable no longer disturbs me, what more when I was hit by the fact that my son has cancer in 2020, the same time when our country was experiencing a nationwide lockdown. My marriage has broken down and my business has been affected badly. My career is taking a steep plunge, how I wish it soars. Everyday, uncertainties are real and I won't know when I will unexpectedly leave my body without leaving anything meaningful behind.

I later came to my senses to just write whenever I can to share what I know, learned and experienced so you too, could perhaps gain some insights and inspirations as well as realisations from your own life experiences.

Life itself is vulnerable. I guess that's why people say, Life is Short. But we could make the best of what we have and be the best of who we are.

Thank You for your time and energy. I hope you will enjoy reading my future posts!😀

Stay Safe and Shanti


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