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About Me and What I Teach

My name is Jaclyn and I came from a background in martial arts, traditional dance, and track and field sports. My involvement in these disciplines started at the age of 6 from Kindergarten to the international sports arena when I was a teenager. My love for sports and movements continued in the entertainment industry where I became the only female stunt performer in Malaysia for slightly over a decade. I was involved in various local and international movies and TV commercials.

Yoga found me at the age of 25. At that time, my sister had started some yoga at home and for her birthday, I bought her a yoga bible. Out of curiosity, I followed all the postures in the bible and I felt great! Coincidentally sometime around then, I sustained a neck injury while doing a free fall for a commercial shooting. I refused to get myself checked but signed up for yoga classes instead. After a few months of practicing, my neck pain had gone away. I've never stopped practicing ever since. 

My teaching journey began in 2005 and my thirst for knowledge on yoga took me to various parts of the world to seek guidance. I learned meditation from monks and was an avid Vipassana Meditation practitioner. My Yoga teachers came from both Western and Eastern origin, shaping my teaching style into a well-blended concoction of contemporary and traditional styles of yoga. I emphasize 'purposeful' and 'mindfulness'. 

I also believed that in learning yoga asanas, there isn't a one size fits all technique. Everybody is different. from physical to mental and emotional levels. We aim to progress but sometimes, we need to regress in order for progress to happen. Sometimes we flow, and sometimes we sit still.


The wisdom of Yoga teaches us the fundamentals of humanity and the oneness of mankind and the cosmos. In my classes, I wish to share with you the beauty and wonders of this ancient wisdom so you can walk your life journey with grace and courage. 

Here are some of my tools:-

Astanga Vinyasa, Anusara Yoga, Shakti Yoga, Prana Flow, Yoga Arts, Childrens Yoga, Pre-natal Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga, Singing Bowl Meditation, Reiki, Thai Massage, Aerial Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation. I love using props to facilitate yoga practices. 

I occasionally integrate Animal Flow and Functional Training into yoga practices. 

I also conduct Mindful Art classes for self-inquiry and stress relief as well as Yoga Teacher Training Courses. 

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