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Lessons From Covid-19 – Are We Taking Heed?

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

The Story

August 7th 2021, we have been in total lock down for two months already and Covid-19 is not in controlled. People are suffering. Suicides, depressions, bankruptcies, unemployments, the daily news are reporting nothing promising but only news that are cannibalizing our mental health.

My business has been badly affected since the start of the pandemic last year in March 2020. During recovery stage of the movement control order, we were allowed to operate but I chose to continue to teach online, just in case and also because my son was still on scheduled chemotherapy in the ward. I wanted to avoid any possible exposure to the virus by all means, for the sake of his safety.

Came April 2021 when the pandemic situation was looking more in controlled, I finally resumed classes in my studio but unfortunately, only for a short 6 weeks as I decided to temporarily close it again due to increasing cases to nearly 2000 a day. I had no choice. I wanted a safe space for myself and for my students to practice in. Little did we expect that the situation had gradually worsened and we had to be in locked down again …. until today.

Many are blaming the government for not managing the situation well, focusing on power over people. SOPs have not been properly implemented and adjusted according to emerging new variants. People were relying on the government to provide safety and security but ended up feeling lost, betrayed and disappointed. I too, felt the same.

The Lessons

Leaving political issues aside, a few other reasons that cause an outbreak of the virus were due to human behaviors. If you’d noticed, as soon as we were given the green light to socialise, visit the malls and dining out, majority of people will forget about self-control and the devastating impact of the pandemic.

Witnessing socially irresponsible behaviours among people can be very depressing especially when you know that they are posing risk to the wider community.

There are a few things that everyone of us have to realise and be reminded of by this powerful virus.

1. That life is getting even more fragile. Put down your mobile device and spend more time with your love ones.

2. Take care of your family and offer your help to those in need.

3. Call your friends and family members who are living a far from you. Make sure that they are okay. Technologies were meant to serve us but not to take over us.

4. Be Mindful of your words and actions because you won’t know what others are going through.

5. Be Kind.

6. Wear your masks, face shield, sanitise and wash your hands regularly when you have to leave your house. Practice social distancing. These are self-discipline that can save lives, including your own’s.

7. Be grateful that you still have a job and source of income. Some of us are struggling to survive.

8. Do your breathwork everyday. Breathe deeply through your belly. It’s not only relaxing but it’s scientifically proven that deep belly breathing benefits our physical and mental health.

9. Meditate. Even for just 5 minutes a day. You only need to be present for yourself – your body, your mind and your breath.

10. When you open your eyes in the morning and you take a deep breath. Be very grateful.

I hope you remember that self-control especially in desperate situations are not denying yourself the right to be free. It is simply an act of being human for the sake of another human.

Sharing with you a poem I came out with in the middle of one of my sleepless night.

Gajah lawan gajah,

Semut yang mati.

Suara rakyat,

Dibawah perigi.

Oh my bra Nike,

Kemana boleh aku berlari.

Inspirasi 4pagi

Didalam bilik aku yang sunyi

Hai... Si Covid-19 ni

Pangajaran humanity yang terkini.

Tangisan di hati

Siapa mengerti

Kemurungan itu

Harus dihindari

Jaga jarak peranan sendiri

Jangan sekali gigit jari.

Wahai, rakan rakan seperjuanganku di sisi,

Tabahkanlah hati.

Baik baik jaga diri dan family.

May You All Be Safe and Protected.


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